About Kenzo Capital Corporation

Kenzo Capital Corporation was established on August 28, 2008 as a platform to carry out the business of real estate investment advisory services, real estate fund management and real estate asset management in Japan.

Although the company will concentrate on the Japanese real estate market, it will specifically cater to the needs of foreign real estate core investors with a special focus on European countries, including Germany and Switzerland.

Kenzo is very well positioned to bridge between local real estate business practises and international investment needs. The company closely networks locally, and has expertise in investment advisory and execution as well as performance reporting according to international standards.

Dr. Leonard Meyer zu Brickwedde, who established Kenzo Capital Corporation, has actively participated in the development of the institutional real estate market in Japan since its infancy. With his team, he arranged one of the first non-recourse real estate loans and actively contributed to the further development of the real estate debt market in Japan.

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