Kenzo Capital Corporation is licensed from Kanto Financial Affairs Bureau for The Second Financial Instruments Business and Advisory Business and Real Estate Brokerage Business. The registration the respective number for each license is Director of Kanto Financial Bureau (Financial Futures) No.2237, Governor of Tokyo (3) No.90769.

Solicitation Policy

We, in recommendation of our products, attempt to properly explain details of procedures or contents of risks etc, in the light of knowledge, experiences etc.

We will, in solicitation, primarily secure confidence of customers any time, comply with laws and regulations and devote ourselves into investment solicitation making the principle to satisfy customers.

We sustain efforts to avoid hours causing customers trouble and based on reasonable basis, not to mention compliance with laws and regulations. Please notify us ( Compliance Dept, Telephone: 03-5403-4662) in case of any problems.

We continue to enhance our knowledge so as to comply with the Financial Instruments Exchange Law and relevant laws etc, and conduct appropriate solicitations.

We sustain efforts to supply adequate information so that trades may be implemented under decision and responsibilities of customers.

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