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Dr. Leonard Meyer zu Brickwedde

Kenzo Capital Corporation was established to bring long term oriented European core investors into the Japanese real estate market, which represents 17.5% of the global investment grade real estate universe. With 2,700 bio US$ is almost matches the aggregate of the UK, German and French real estate markets. Tokyo, which is home to 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies is the by far the largest office market with over 80 Million square meter matching the aggregate of the London and New York market that together host 33 of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Kenzo provides access to market information, investment advisory services, fund and asset management.

Kenzo stands for the Japanese characters ‘Ken’ which means ‘building’ and ‘zo’ meaning ‘develop’. The Kenzo Capital Corporation Team is committed to build long term mutually beneficial business relationships and will develop cutting edge real estate investment products.

During the past 10 years I have been involved in the Japanese real estate market and have seen the establishment and growth of an institutional share. This change in a market dominated by corporate ownership to an institutionally influenced market was a healthy one. It extracted a higher value from real estate that paid a premium over risk free investments like government bonds. We will continue to see corporate selling of real estate and further growth of the institutional share.

In order to further grow the institutional market share in a healthy manner, the market will depend on a growing number of long term oriented core investors. Since 2003/4 the Japanese real estate market has been dominated by opportunistic investors looking for a quick profit, supported by a strong debt market with low borrowing costs and the availability of high leverage.

The strength of the Japanese society is its stability. The strength of corporate Japan is the loyalty of stake-holders. A dominant share of long term oriented investors will strengthen the real estate market, especially while it continues on its path to change.

Dr. Leonard Meyer zu Brickwedde

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