Tokyo, September 3, 2018

Investment pioneer strengthens Kenzo team

Kenzo Capital Corporation is adding a Chief Investment Officer to its management team. Mr. Takehiko Uehara, an experienced finance specialist, will take over the newly created position on 1 September.

“I am very pleased that with Mr. Uehara we have been able to win a real pioneer in the Japanese real estate sector for us,” said Dr. Leonard Meyer zu Brickwedde, President and CEO of Kenzo Capital Corporation.

As Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Uehara will be responsible for investment, underwriting, asset and portfolio management as well as - in conjunction with the President and CEO - developing and implementing the Kenzo investment strategy for Japan’s complex but lucrative real estate market. Dr. Meyer zu Brickwedde will concentrate more on servicing investors.

Investment pioneer strengthens Kenzo team


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